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Three Layered Puppy Potty Litter Tray

Three Layered Puppy Potty Litter Tray

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18.5''x 13.3'' x 2.1'' 3 Layers Plastic Puppy Potty Training Pad Pet Toliet

Use: Puppy Potty Training Pad
Size: 47cm x 34cm x 5.5cm / 18.5''x 13.3'' x 2.1''

Bottom layer: high-quality PP new environmentally friendly plastic
Middle layer: plastic grid
Top layer: non-toxic anti-bacterial lawn carpet

Product description:
Design of three layers, the bottom layer is a high-quality new environmentally friendly materials pp tray, the middle layer is a mesh, the top layer is a non-toxic anti-bacterial lawn carpet, the opposite can also be good drops leaking, does not produce a strong odor

* High quality: high-quality PP resin solid ruggedness

* Safety: Our product safety as the highest premise of using the new material PE resins tasteless harmless

* Easy to clean: toilet easy to clean, more hygienic and effective fence to prevent the odor of bacterial contamination of the environment

* Lawn carpet style: dogs naturally like to pee on a blanket or lawn like material, easy to train

* Ultra-high technology: fine mold processing, sophisticated materials, detailed all means to restore the essence of art in the product

* Easy disassembly: easy removal, not to hurt the hand

1.Perfect for indoor potty training, odour free!
2.Easy to clean simply rinse with warm soapy water

3 tier construction
1) Real look synthetic grass top
2) Removable drainage grill
3) Easy clean liquid storage base

Package included:
1 x Puppy potty pad