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Double Sided Massage Brush

Double Sided Massage Brush

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Regular grooming bathing, massaging is an important part of dog ownership, so make sure you have the right tools for the job. This massage comb adopted 3D arc surface brush design, super soft round-head silicone pin, effectively remove loose hair, unwanted and dead hair on the pet's body, to give your love pet different massage experience.


- Color: As shown.
- Material: Wood.
- Size: 23.5x7.6x5cm.
- Not only can it remove hair, but when taking a shower, the bristle hair comb can make more delicate bubbles. The silicone comb can massage skin since the pin can make the bath liquid penetrate the skin and achieve a better cleaning effect.
- Handcrafted bamboo handle with smooth and glossy surface, will avoid causing skin allergies for you and your pet. Massage brush for dogs is adopted ergonomic design, reducing fatigue, more comfortable and effortless for long-term use.
- No crisscross pesters & knots any more! Simply remove the fur from bath brush and wash with running water. Dry it in time!
- This pet silicone bath brush can effectively remove some loose hair. This massage brush keeps dog hair looking beautiful and also helps your dog feel good. Your dog receives benefits from daily brushing which includes better circulation and a shiny coat.