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Elastic Waist Leash For Jogging
Elastic Waist Leash For Jogging

Elastic Waist Leash For Jogging

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100% Brand New, High Quality.
Material : Nylon
Size : Waist rope width 2.5cm and adjustable total length 110cm ( suitable people waistline 50cm-110cm)
Leash rope width 2.5cm * Length 80cm - Elasticity 120cm

This elastic waist leash is ideal for jogging or any other hands free activities. Taking your dog for a walk will never be as easy!


High quality material and painting metal buckle, softy mat of handle, rope safety strong tensile and durable used mightiness leash.
Application : small dog middle dog , big dog or strong dog and so on

1. Comfortable hands-free running leash with quick release and reconnect.
2. Ideal for running, walking and hiking with small or large dogs.
3. Adjustable waist length
4. Secure stainless steel spring clip to easily attach to your dog's collar.
5. Sometimes dogs will run very fast, so we need to prevent buffer traction rope, to avoid inadvertently wrestling and could not pull the dog's situation occurs.

Package Included:
1 x Pet leash with waist rope

Product type: Dog Collars & Leads