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Bathing Wash/Massage Tool

Bathing Wash/Massage Tool

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Five finger design allows you to groom hard-to-reach places like face. Ergonomic design makes the dog water sprayer can be worn as a glove which allow you to control your dog with both hands while soaking the densest fur. 

Sprayer and scrubber in one,bathe and massage at same time.
Adjustable handheld bathing tool, collect pet hair and clean it more cleanly.
Three removable faucet adapters,install and remove easily indoor or ourdoor.
Greatly reduces water when compared with traditional bathing methods.
The one-size-fits-all bathing GLOVE is made of a breathable mesh cloth that dries fast.
Innovative glove design, easy to install and use.

Material: Elastomer silicone + ABS + Nylon fabric+ Environmental PVC
Color: blue
Suitable for: dog, cat, horse and other pets
Adapter size: 0.9 inch, 0.79 inch, 0.67 inch (included)
Item size: 240 * 160mm / 9.4 * 6.3in
Item weight: 400g / 14.1oz / 0.88lb
Package size: 200 * 150 * 100mm / 7.9 * 5.9 * 3.9in
Package weight: 460g / 16.2oz / 1.01lb

Package List:
1 * Grooming Glove
3 * Adapter