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Shower Extension Hose
Shower Extension Hose
Shower Extension Hose
Shower Extension Hose

Shower Extension Hose

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·         ☺MATERIAL:Plastic/Rubber. materials are certified by Rohs and AQl. It is safe and non-toxic. It will not produce harmful substances due to heat. Protect pet health

·         ☺VERSATILE: you can use it to bathe your cat and dog. It can also be used for massage. The shower head with soft massage head can massage the pets at the same time of bathing. Spend the same time and do two things at the same time, simple and efficient. Give a pet comfort

·         ☺STAINLESS STEEL WATER PIPE: the water pipe adopts all copper interface and stainless steel water pipe, it is safe and durable. International universal interface, do not worry about interface mismatch, convenient replacement.

·         ☺THE OPERATION IS SIMPLE: the pet shower is designed by the human engineering department and designed for pets bathing. One hand can be operated. You can bathe a pet with one hand and grab a pet with one hand. Don't worry about pets making jute for you

·         ☺FULL-COVERAGE WATER COMB SPRAY: Intended for maximum cleaning power and penetration of. It's easy for you to do it. Easy to take a bath for a pet


Product description

·         Feature: 
☞ Subversion of traditional pet bathing habits, one hand control of pets, one handed operation, save time and effort, healthy and environmental protection.

☞ With water flow and massage synchronously, flow of water directly to the skin, can thoroughly remove bath liquid residue, keep your dog dry and clean hair, greatly reduce the risk of skin disease.

☞ Washing the same size pet can save 50% of water and 40% of the bath liquid than before, and it may take as long as your previous 1/3. It can be described as time saving, labor-saving and water saving.

☞ Easy to operate with one hand - flush, apply liquid, disperse and rinse. The elastic tapered massage head is suitable for different lengths of hair, so that your dog can enjoy the pleasure of bath and Shu Shuang at all times.

☞ Whether in the courtyard or in the bathroom, with a tap and a universal spray hose, you can enjoy the fun of your dog bathing.

Multifunction: washing, massaging, grooming, make your pets enjoy the shower. Humanized water lock button, more easily to control the water flow.

The shower head size: 3.94inches * 3.15 inches
The hose's length: 47 inches
Weight: 600g
Color: blue
Material: plastic and stainless steel

Package included: 
1* Pet shower head
1* stainless steel hose with connector
4* hose adapter
1* User manual